You may be tempted to think you can pack on some needed pounds by drinking sugary sodas and eating junk foods such as fries, potato chips, and cookies. But although you would actually gain weight by eating these types of food, you’ll also become flabby. It’s unhealthy and most certainly not the best way to gain weight. There are many myths and unanswered questions about weight gain. Here are five of them.

Myth 1: As Long as You Exercise, You Can Eat Whatever You Want

This is a complete myth. If you exercise but eat too much of the wrong foods, you’ll gain weight unhealthily. In order to manage your weight gain, you have to follow a healthy, balanced diet as well as exercise. This will help to maintain your weight and keep your body healthy and toned.

Myth 2: You Won’t Gain Weight If You Stop Eating After 7PM

Many tests have been carried out on this very subject. It has been concluded that your metabolism continues to work during sleep, so this statement is not true. It’s about what you eat and the portion size.

For example, if you’re going to regularly eat a late supper which includes foods like fried bacon and pizza, chances are that you’ll gain weight—but this is down to the high fat content of your meals, not the time that you eat it.

It’s perhaps sensible to eat foods which are lighter later on in the evening. So foods such as low-fat yogurts, a healthy sandwich, or a bowl of cereal would be better choices.

Myth 3: Vegetarians and Vegans Can’t Gain Weight

This is an absolute myth. It’s possible to gain weight if from vegetarian and vegan foods, especially those with protein. It may not be as easy as gaining weight as a meat-eater, but the bright side is that’s it’s easier for vegetarians to gain weight the healthy way, since they usually eat healthy choices such as soy, fruits, and vegetables. Check out this article on how to gain weight the healthy way for vegetarians.

Myth 4: Eating Spicy Foods Can Prevent Weight Gain

Although scientific trials have proven that hot chili peppers can boost metabolism, you would need to eat them with every meal and cut out fat for them to have any effect on how much weight you lose. You would also have to do a lot of exercise to boost your metabolic rate even further.

So if you’re a spicy food lover trying to gain weight, don’t worry—you can still enjoy your chili and hot sauce during your weight gain journey.

Myth 5: Drinking Ice-Cold Water Can Slow Down Weight Gain

Many celebrities have been saying that drinking ice-cold water helps speed up their metabolism and burn fat. This is not true at all.

Yes, cold water can make the body work a little harder because it has to warm up again, and this apparently increases metabolism. But in the big picture, on its own, cold water won’t negatively affect your weight gain goals.


It’s important to learn how to gain weight the healthy way so that you take care of your body. I hope this post helps you tell between the myths and the facts. Good luck!

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