Vegetarian Weight Gain Tips (Part 2)

This is the second of a two-part series on vegetarian weight gain tips. See Vegetarian Weight Gain Tips (Part 1).

Manage Your Daily Calories

You may feel you’re eating healthy if you follow a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, but make sure you continue to manage your calories. In the future, I’ll be writing more detailed posts on calorie counting for weight gain. For now, just keep in mind that your body should consume not so many calories that your body will resort to fat storage, but not so few that you’ll lose muscle if you engage in too much physical activity.

Keep Track of Your Weight

There are online tools, such as BMI calculators, that can help you approximate your ideal weight. Weigh yourself regularly to track your progress.

Choose Your Foods Well

Milk: Choose low-fat fresh milk instead of full-cream milk.

Cheese: You might like to buy vegetarian cheese, which uses vegetable rennet to coagulate milk.

Drinks: Avoid soda and other drinks with too much sugar. Favor drinking fresh juice or water.

Fruits: Fruits with high calorie content, such as avocado, will help you gain weight faster than fruits with high water content, such as watermelon.

Fiber: Find the right balance of fiber. Foods rich in high soluble fiber may prevent you from gaining weight because they have less dense calories. Still, you need fiber to cleanse your system, so consume it in moderation to gain weight the healthy way.

Processed foods: You may find commercial food products marked “Made for Vegetarians” or “Made for Vegans.” While they provide sufficient nutrients, some of them may contain too much sugar, fats from vegetable oils, or preservatives. Read the nutrition information and ingredients list to make sure you’re buying something healthy.

Believe in Yourself

These weight gain tips work better with a positive attitude and a strong will. Follow your meal plans, continue your fitness program, and your hard work will soon become a healthy habit. Keep reading How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way for more weight gain tips. Here’s to your success!

Image credits: Weighing Scale by vividBreeze; Fruits by rageforst.

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