How Weight Gain Works

What’s the best way to gain weight for women? To answer this question, it’s vital that you understand just how weight gain works.

Weight gain refers to a variety of complex systems acting in tandem. It’s not as simple as eating more and getting heavier. In order to figure out how to gain weight naturally, this is a phenomenon you absolutely have to understand. So let’s look at how weight gain works.

First, there are two phenomena encompassed by the term “weight gain.” These are the buildup of fat, and the buildup of lean muscle.

If you’re underweight, the best way to gain weight in a healthy fashion is typically to build both fat and muscle. As such, it’s essential that we look at each of these.

Building Fat

Building fat works in much the same way you’d expect with even a small amount of knowledge on the subject. The amount of energy your body uses in normal day-to-day activity is called your basal metabolic rate. When you eat more than your basal metabolic rate, you have a surplus of energy from your food. Your body stores this for future use by promoting the growth of adipose tissue, or what’s typically referred to as fat.

While it’s taken on an unpleasant set of connotations in the obesity epidemic, fat is a vital part of the human anatomy. In women, 21% to 24% of your body weight should be fat.

A healthy level of fat provides a store of energy in the event of sickness, cushions vital organs from trauma, and helps to maintain a healthy hormonal environment. It’s also cosmetically valuable. Standards of beauty vary wildly from person to person, but generally, a reasonable level of fat helps bring out the details of the female form.

Building Muscle

Building muscle is a slightly more involved process. Like with building fat, building muscle is dependent on surplus energy; you need to be taking in enough nutrition to do more than maintain your basal metabolic rate, or you won’t accomplish anything. Your body can only use the resources it has.

Furthermore, the human body develops muscle groups according to the amount of use they receive. So if you don’t exercise your muscles, they won’t be built no matter what you eat.

For building muscle weight, it’s essential to keep a balanced exercise regimen. Work your arms, work your chest, work your legs. If you want a uniform distribution of muscle mass, you need to make uniform use of your muscles.

It’s also important to take in a reasonable amount of protein. Protein is used by your body in developing muscle fiber. Women need around 46 grams of protein per day, with room for a little more if you’re currently engaged in building muscle mass. If you’re not yet getting enough protein, poultry and fish are healthy ways to bolster your diet in that respect.

The best way to gain weight involves eating healthy and exercising regularly. Devoting a little time to understanding the details will make it easier for you to gain and maintain a healthy weight. Click here for more information on healthy weight gain for women.

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