How to Gain Weight Naturally

Learning how to gain weight the healthy way may seem like a difficult task, especially if you don’t want to resort to medical means. But it’s easier with a bit of planning. These tips will show you how to gain weight naturally with ease. They’re general weight gain tips, invaluable both for men and women. Your physiology may differ based on your sex, but there are some crucial points which you need understand regardless.

Eat Well

At the most basic level, weight gain happens when your body takes in more calories than it uses. The excess is converted into either fat or lean muscle mass. A healthy body needs reasonable amounts of both fat and lean muscle; this is why you’re gaining weight, after all.

Identify the number of calories you burn in a day and aim for a few hundred more than that. Don’t force yourself overeat. Just eat a little more than you’re normally inclined to.

You shouldn’t stop caring what you eat. You want a decent part of your weight to be gained in muscle. Lean meats such as poultry provide a great source of protein and reasonable calorie counts, helping you to gain weight in a healthy fashion.

Fish is also notable. Fish like wild-caught salmon are fattier, but low in trans fat and high in nutrients and protein. This is important when it comes to gaining weight naturally.

Keep Active

This may seem counter-intuitive. After all, your goal is to gain weight, and exercise uses calories. But you want to control your weight gain. Your goal shouldn’t be to keep gaining and gaining. You want to arrive at your ideal weight and stay there.

So it’s vital to keep your body fit. Regular exercise will slow your initial weight gain, but it allows you to gain a lot of your weight in the form of muscle, and it keeps you from becoming accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. It’s harder to start exercising again than it is to just keep doing what you already are.

Work Toward a Goal

Know what weight you’re looking for. Your ideal weight depends on your height. Consult with a medical professional to determine the healthy weight for your height and build.

Once you’ve figured out your desired weight, measure your gains on a weekly and monthly basis. Chart them over time. If you’re gaining too slowly, increase your intake. If it’s faster than you’d like, decrease your intake or start exercising more.

Also, your actual weight in pounds isn’t all that matters. Yes, you want the best way to gain weight—but muscle is denser than fat. The same amount of muscle will weigh more. Consult your doctor so you can estimate muscle-to-fat proportions and adjust your plans accordingly. Different people gain weight in different ways, so if your physiology and lifestyle tend to build muscle more easily than most, you’ll wind up planning to be quite a bit heavier, in terms of pure weight, in order to achieve the same effects that others would.

Lastly, remember that your weight needs to be maintained. If you don’t keep eating a healthy diet after gaining your weight, you’ll lose your gains with time. If you stop exercising, you’ll lose muscle mass. All in all, the best way to gain weight is by natural means. You have to be patient and disciplined for the most effective results.

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