Frequently Asked Questions About Gaining Weight

Whether you need to lose weight or gain weight, here are some useful frequently asked questions and answers about weight gain.

Are genes a factor in weight gain?

Genetics definitely can’t be ignored. Obesity tends to run in families, but this could also be down to bad eating habits while growing up. The same goes for being naturally thin. Scientists say that genetics contribute to your weight and body type by 40%.

Am I more likely to gain weight if I suffer from depression?

Yes. Medication may have a side effect on weight gain. You also feel tired when depressed, and this can make you reach for sugary or fatty foods more often.

Why are obesity levels growing?

This stems from various factors. For one, more people are driving instead of walking. The economic downturn also means that families are buying more junk food because it’s cheaper. This is creating high levels of weight gain.

Will I gain weight if I skip exercise now and then?

Once your body gets used to a regular exercise routine, your metabolism changes. So you may be able to gain weight by skipping exercise, but the best way to gain weight is to eat healthy, keep exercising, and just change your workout to accommodate your needs. For example, you could do more strength training exercises to build muscle.

How do I avoid gaining too much weight?

Monitor your Body Mass Index (BMI) and make sure you fall into the healthy category. Here’s an online tool that will help you determine your BMI.

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