Basic Weight Gain Facts

Some people are envious of others who need to gain weight. This is probably because many people are at the other end of the scale and they hate being overweight. You may think that gaining weight is a simple case of binging on chocolate, cakes, burgers, and fries—but this is an extremely unhealthy approach to weight gain.

Nutrition Is as Important as Calories

Although you obviously do need to increase the calories you consume, it’s just as important to consider the type of foods you’re going to eat to achieve this weight gain.

The best way to gain weight is by opting for meals which are laden with calories but are also packed with nutrients. You should therefore avoid foods with empty calories such as donuts, fries, cookies, and candy because they can affect your health.

Try to choose nuts, dried fruit, lean meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs, and good carbohydrates such as whole-grain bread.

Consumption of Liquids

If you have a drink while eating a meal, your stomach will automatically feel fuller, so you may not be able to finish your plate. By leaving your drink until half an hour after eating, you’re allowing your food to let you know when your stomach is full. This way, you’re able to consume more calories.

Six Small Meals a Day

The best way to gain weight is to eat five or six small meals a day. At least three of these meals should contain protein, vegetables, and starch. It’s also advisable to drink a smoothie half an hour after your meal for dessert. Try balancing these protein meals with smaller snacks such as a lean chicken or turkey sandwich with light mayonnaise and salad.

Gain Weight by Increasing Muscle Mass

A healthy way to gain weight is to try and build muscle. This will make your body look toned and will allow you to follow an exceptionally healthy diet. In order to gain muscle, you have to eat a lot of protein such as fish, lean meat, and poultry. Egg white omelets are another popular choice for muscle gain because they only contain healthy fats and protein. Muscle is heavier than fat, so building muscle mass could be the best way to gain weight.

Increasing Appetite

In order to gain weight, you need to eat well—and you can’t do this if you have a poor appetite. If you’re not hungry, then try and get some fresh air. If possible, you could take a gentle walk for half an hour outside and this can help make you feel hungry.

Alternatively, you could simply eat comfort foods like toast but try and add peanut butter or almond butter for extra healthy calories. Sometimes eating sweet fruits such as grapes or pineapple can whet your appetite. Adding herbs and spices to bland dishes can help too.

How to Gain Weight Following an Illness

You should always focus on eating as much protein as possible to build yourself up during a period of convalescence. Choose bland foods at first, such as eggs or boiled fish with mashed potatoes. Cereals are also a fantastic way to build yourself up. By adding dried fruit to something like granola, you could add extra calories.

Aim to consume at least 5 ounces of meat, fish, or other sources of protein a day. Add whole-grain bread, pasta, rice, eggs, and legumes for valuable nutrients. If you have a healthy immune system, raw fish is a brilliant way to gain weight by helping increase your appetite.

The main thing you should know about how to gain weight the healthy way is that you have to eat right. You want to prevent conditions such as high cholesterol or heart disease. Many slim people have high cholesterol because of their diet, so they may be slim but they’re also unhealthy. The best way to gain weight is by having a healthy balanced diet.

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