A Weight Gain Diet Plan Especially for You

So far, on this website, I’ve done my best to give general tips, suggested exercises, and recommended foods for women who want to gain weight the healthy way. One of my ideas was to write a detailed post featuring specific weekly meal plans that are guaranteed to help you achieve this goal. But after doing a lot of research, I realized it would be pretty much impossible.

The thing is, everyone’s different. We use energy at different rates; we need different amounts of food to meet our energy requirements; we have different body types; we have different problem areas, and so on. Some of us might have certain food allergies, lactose intolerance, or foods we simply dislike.

While there are certain foods that are generally good for weight gain, the exact food items that are best for you to eat on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis are likely very different from mine—even if we’re trying to gain the same number of pounds. This is why it’s important to create meal plans made for you, considering not only what’s generally effective and healthy, but also your own needs, preferences, and limitations.

If you’re a busy woman, this may seem inconvenient. Thankfully, there are tools out there that can make designing meal plans a breeze—and even lots of fun. Meal Plans 101 is one of these tools.

Meal Plans 101 is a software application that allows you to design your personalized meal plan in minutes. It’s very easy to use. You simply choose your desired nutrient ratio percentages, specify your goals, and use a push-button system ensuring measurable results within 30 days. You can then design an unlimited number of meal plans for yourself within minutes.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Meal Plans 101 is that you can choose from more than 13,000 food options—enabling you to create limitless options for meals. You can include your favorite foods, or dishes based on what’s currently on sale at the supermarket—and the application will be able to tell you the exact nutrition content and proper portion size of what you’re planning to eat. No need to manually list things down or count calories throughout the day. Best of all, as your needs and preferences change, it’s simple to adjust the meal plans you’ve already designed.

Meal Plans 101 really takes custom to the next level by including you in the planning. When you enter your personal data, it even tells you your exact calorie requirements. This ensures that your body gets proper nutrition during your weight gain journey. The software recommends the right portions of the right foods, all depending on your body type, height, weight, gender, metabolic rate, level of activity, desired weight, and other specific information.

There’s a lot more to Meal Plans 101 than I can fit here, so just go to this page and read the section under “Meal Plans 101 Allows You To” to see exactly what you can do with the software. It’s been successful for many different people with different goals. It doesn’t hurt that it’s intuitive and simple to use.

I’ve got plenty of useful posts lined up for you over the next few weeks, and no doubt I’ll be talking a lot about foods that can help you gain weight. But remember that you still have to do the work and create meal plans especially for you. Meal Plans 101 will help make your weight gain program more fun, more effective, and more successful. Good luck!

Image credits: Woman Eating by Sura Nualpradid; Meal Plan by MrsMinifig.

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